About Us


Dropping Jewels was established by Shirley "Jewel" Smith in 2018.

Dropping Jewels is here to make a difference in the lives of girls and women, by giving them the necessary tools needed to prepare them for the walk that lies ahead of them.

It is Jewel's hope and dream to use her platform to inspire while making a positive and lasting impact in the world for today and tomorrow.

We believe all women can define their future

by embracing who they are.

Our Mission

To inspire and motivate women & young girls to push through on purpose. 

To share key strategies to encourage, support and prepare individuals to push through the hurt, pain and disappointments that life may present to them as they move forward in life.


Our Vision

To encourage young girls and women through "jewels" of inspiration, education, empowerment via social media, emails, teachings via workshops, conferences, videos, audios, etc.

To make sure that young girls and women begin to believe in themselves as leaders and world changers. 

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